Series Introduction: Before you start developing

Jan 24, 2021 2 min read
Series Introduction: Before you start developing

So here's the deal. When developing any software application, coding is never your first step. Never! Don't even think about touching the computer. In fact, the first thing to pick up is a whiteboard.


This short series will tell you why.

In short, it's all about planning.

Believe it or not planning is the most important aspect of building systems. Don't fret if planning eats away a large chunk of your time. Once you have a solid plan in place, further steps will be fairly easy to carry out. In software design systems we can call it the system design principle which includes working with various stakeholders like designers, business leads, etc.

This series will guide you through every step required during the pre-development stage of a microservices application. Basically, everything that needs to get done before the coding begin.

We’ll cover topics like how you can chalk out a simple flow for your user interface, define what data to send and receive from this interface and how to persist this data in a database.

The application we'll build

Let's start simple. We'll build a basic application that'll give you enough insight for you to start developing your own web based applications.

Your friend works at an animal adoption centre. The place, however, has no online presence at all and your friend wants to change that. He walks up to you knowing you have development experience and tells you that he wants to create a web application that will enable users to adopt pets and you agree.

But how do you proceed? Head over to the first part to find out how to start working with a deliverable that's produced by the design teams. The user experience team (UX) team works on defining the wireframes. While defining the wire frames the engineering teams will get a feel of what data elements are going to be used and what the flow will be like.

Remember, once you've mastered the basics of microservices, the rest will be smoother!

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