About Us

We are a bunch of "tech nerds" brought together by the love for technology (and fate maybe?).  We mostly develop server side applications in popular programming languages like Python, Javascript and Java. But honestly, we've been stuck on Golang ever since we first started using it!

We are always experimenting with new technologies and have acquired a broad range of skills over time including Microservices, Machine Learning, SQL,NoSQL and Graph Databases, Android/iOS Development, Cloud,DevOps and Infrastructure......And we hope to add a few more things to the list! Together, we have created Go Chronicles with the sole aim to share our knowledge and experience with fellow enthusiasts.

Our Authors
Vedashree Patil
Speaks English. Writes Go. Loves Graphs!
Arun Kutty
An ideator and a developer interested in solving problems using technology
Bharath Uday
Full Stack Engineer
Nikhil Akki
Simple guy with simple taste and love for programming and cloud systems.
Neil Agarwal
Ready to learn, although I do not like being taught.
Shabbir Kherywala
Android developer at heart, passionate about backend
Vicky Narang
Enjoying every bit of being tech-enabled in the Digital World.
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